O'Hehir University

Several Years ago Trisha O'Hehir & I co-created this educational institute as a degree completion programme for dental hygienists & therapists through action research & a process of self-reflection & behaviour change. It has now evolved into something much bigger. For more information please click here: O'Hehir University Website


Swiss Dental Academy

I spent 2 years managing the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) and developing curricula, content, quality assurance & recruiting & teaching trainers with a goal to increase the quality & quantity of educational courses linked to an increase in sales of equipment & materials.

Running alongside this was the management and organization of advisory and scientific boards & running global SDA & scientific research budgets.





This was co-authored with my good friend Trisha O'Hehir and written for everyone who is currently breathing! Humans are meant to be nose breathers.  Each story represents a person we have encountered in our practices and travels. Their signs and symptoms and life stories may remind you of friends or family members who are mouth breathers. This is accompanied by all of the related science and how to remedy the various issues. We have also included our own stories of switching from mouth to nose breathing.  We are both now ‘LipZipped’!

We have recently launched a new website which also houses our book and also our new online 'breathe better to live better' course. Click here for more details: LipZip Website