GBT, ALS & Canoes near Niagara Falls, Canada

The Dental Hygiene Team from the Dental Office of Dr Peter Fritz & his Dental Assistant

Dr Peter Fritz has established a great dental office near Niagara Falls in Canada ( and quite fittingly the second thing that greets a patient, after the warm welcome at reception is a large canoe which hangs directly over the reception area. This theme runs throughout the practice with other canoes in the waiting room and an assortment of unfinished paddles in the entrance. Patients can purchase a paddle, then decorate it, then return it to Peter’s Team by March 4th 2020 for a ‘paddle’ auction which takes place on May 2nd. Prizes will be given for paddles that raise the most money and all of the proceeds are in support of this charity: Further information about the auction can be obtained via the practice website.

This is no ordinary practice. They are always looking to deliver the best possible care to their patients and each member of the team is looking to improve their own education. They run a study club for local practices, have over 300 members & most of their patients are referred to this practice from other clinicians.

I was really excited to deliver a whole day of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) Training to this Team as I knew it would add further to their standard of patient care. We started the day with all the theoretical aspects, including powder & piezo technology. The above photo shows the team having some fun in a mini-competition to assemble erythritol & glucose molecules. This exercise nicely demonstrates why erythritol is an excellent anti-microbial in oral biofilms and sugar the complete opposite. Needless to say both teams completed the exercise in record time and it was a draw, so prizes for all. We spent the entire afternoon utilising the new AirFlow Master Piezon Unit & Powders & each member of the team had an opportunity not only to master the techniques but also to experience it themselves as a patient.

It really was an enjoyable experience for everyone. Thanks to Dr Peter Fritz & EMS for the invite. I am looking forward to returning in the future. This recent update from Dr Fritz and his team demonstrates their efforts in implant care:

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  1. Thank you for a polished presentation where we learned about the latest technology and how to implement GBT into our practice. The Airflow/Perioflow unit together with GBT techniques helped us to improve our patient experience!

    1. Dear Cathy,
      Thank you very much for your kind positive feedback. I look forward to hearing more about your great practice in the future.
      Kind Regards

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