GBT, Loch Ness & Dental Hygiene

GBT, Loch Ness & Dental Hygiene

Urqhart Castle on Loch Ness

I was recently invited to the Health Sciences Department at The University of Highlands & Islands in Scotland. The dental department has its main base in Inverness with two satellite units based in Dumfries and Stornaway. This makes for interesting teaching sessions, where the students & staff in the satellite units take part via video conferencing facilities and giant TV screens. The technology is great and with amazing sound and an ability to zoom-in during hands-on training.

The forward thinking Team are looking to maintain a 'cutting edge' curriculum for the dental hygiene & therapy students & they asked my assistance in how they could bring Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) into the philosophy of the curriculum. This is really exciting as many universities are now adding this subject onto the end of the course as many dental practices are moving in this direction. Dental Graduates should be ready to go with current treatment modalities.

In the Scottish Highlands they are going one step further and wishing to bring about a complete change to their curriculum by adopting GBT as a philosophy thought the entire 3 year Bachelors Degree programme.

Staff receiving a GBT

I really look forward to watching this curriculum progress and staying involved in the process. Many thanks to Leah Fraser for the invite and EMS for making it happen. On a personal note, having spent a little time sight seeing, I will definitely be back for a longer visit.

Nairn Harbour


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